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Antequera Dry Port

What is a dry port?

The Antequera Dry Port, located in MegaHub Andalucía, is strategically located at the main transport intersection in the south of the Iberian Peninsula:

  • Boasting rail connections to the main Iberian Peninsula ports.
  • “In-Out” Traffic Coverage: Spain and Portugal (approx. 57 million inhabitants).
  • At the point at which Europe’s MEDITERRANEAN and ATLANTIC Corridors intersect.
  • Forms part of MEGAHUB ANDALUCÍA, the largest logistics platform in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Established Companies and Industries in the area.
  • Integrated as part of the international MULTIMODAL CORRIDOR as a HUB and Modal Interchange and “loading terminal” that offers a quality service and competitive prices for:
  • Enough traffic to frequently form long and heavy trains filled to full capacity:
    • Sea freight (containers) + Land freight (trailers and swap bodies) + multiclient and multiproduct trains
  • Aimed at encouraging collaboration with road transport companies, agents, shipowners, forwarders…
  • Offering the end-clients the most competitive logistics solution (multimodal)
  • Efficient client-focused management
  • A goods hub for the strategically nearby Straits of Gibraltar, the Antequera Dry Port features:
  • 860 m long roads (42 TRAILERS – 2 TRACTORS)
  • Compatible with Iberian-Gauge and UIC-Gauge
  • Inter-operability standards as defined in EU Regulation 913/2010 (International Standard Correlation):
    • Electrical installations and signage
    • Ramps less than 17 metric thousandths.
    • C-Grade loading gauge (UIC B+ or GB1).
    • Trains with a GTW of 2,260 tonnes and an axle load of 25 tonnes.
  • Equipped for handling Containers / Swap Bodies.
  • Special facilities to suit varying TYPES OF ACTIVITY AND FREIGHT, including:
    • Manoeuvring trailers.
    • Handling Solid and Liquid Bulk.
    • ADR facilities
    • RO-RO facilities for vehicles
    • General freight
    • Conventional
    • Palletised
    • Not Palletised


A1.- Under Customs Supervision (temporary storage, customs area, etc.)

or Not Under Customs Supervision

A2.- Including or excluding production activities

(Manufacture, assembly, pre-assembly, etc.)



B1.- Food and Agricultural products

(Eg. Fresh Produce…, Refrigerated storage, etc.)

B2.- Bulk Goods and Petrochemicals

(Silos, Tanks, etc.)

B3.- Dangerous Goods (ADR)

B4.- Automotives (cars, vans, lorries, public works machinery

, etc.)

B5.- Iron and Steel Products

B6.- Construction and Mining Material


1.- Intermodal Transport (Swap body, Container)

2.- Rail Motorway (Semi-trailer)

3.- Conventional wagon with direct transfer

to storage or onward transport

4.- Special wagon with direct transfer

to storage or onward transport