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HUB – The Project

MegaHub Andalucía is a project that forms part of the Andalusia Logistics Network, developed by the Andalusia Regional Government, created with the aim to both satisfy the need for land in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and to fully meet all the needs of companies, providing all the services and amenities that businesses require.

It is based on 4 key principles:


5 key elements:

  • ROAD TRANSPORT Companies
  • RAIL TRANSPORT Companies
  • SHIPPING Companies

Collaborative sea and land logistics (sharing loads), working with Rail Operators to fully fill trains that will allow new rail lines with a terminal in Antequera to be built.


Benefits and value-add advantages:

  • Attract new traffic
  • Sustainable investments

Facility and service requirements

The facilities and services required by companies at MegaHub Andalucía must take into consideration the following:

  • Consumers
  • Energy Sources
  • Transport services
  • Influence Area
  • Natural resources
  • Town
  • Taxes
  • Workforce Quality: training. Logistics training, workshops and in-house training.

The Supply Chain satisfies both manufacturing and consumption needs, which are determined by the size of the population and its level of demand. In terms of the Iberian Peninsula, especially insofar as Spain is concerned, logistics comes into its own in the freight corridors that connect areas of production with areas of consumption.

MegaHub Andalucía comprises a gross area of 336 Ha and a forecast net area of 2,459,651 sqm, comprising an Industrial Logistics Area complete with intermodal terminal and a services area.

Santa Ana Station (passengers)
Bobadilla Station (freight)

Having your business in such a large logistics area offers the following benefits:

  • Physical facilities designed specifically for the activities carried out by your business.
  • Infrastructure and telecoms with sufficient capacity and availability of Telematics for immediate connection.
  • Turning circles and access roads specifically designed to allow vehicle transit.
  • Excellent location close to towns and industrial areas, and also offering intermodal transport.
  • Location occupied by businesses from the same sector, furthering opportunities for collaboration.
  • Low cost maintenance, lighting and cleaning services, etc.
  • Surveillance and security  in all facilities, removing the need for individual security systems.
  • Availability of complementary services (workshops, banks and insurance companies, etc.).
  • Deciding to locate a transport and logistics services company in an area such as this can lead to significant savings on overall costs.